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Healthy skin begins within

Dr. Young shares his top 3 essential tips for healthy skin.
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How cancer led to wiser nutritional choices with Jenny Hrbacek author of Cancer Free, Are You Sure?

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Discover the link between acid reflux & protein intake. Dr. John Young




Link Between Immune System & Digestive Health with Dr. Shawn Benzinger

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Discover the link between acid reflux & protein intake. Dr. John Young




Confusion in the Healthcare World with Dr. Shawn Benzinger

Confused by conflicting information? In this latest episode of Dr. Shawn Benzinger shares how different research leads us to different findings in identifying healthy versus not healthy. He will point us to whole food and nutrition as the primary function for overall wellness and explain the benefits of the Young Health Shake as a great foundation.



Cancer Free… Are you Sure? Jenny Hrbacek

Jenny shares her journey with cancer and what she learned along the way. This is a must watch for anyone and everyone that has been impacted by cancer personally or through family or friends.





108 Lay A Foundation


Key Ingredients to a Healthy Foundation – It is crucial for each of us to have a healthy foundation to live out healthy lives free of disease. Did you know that your body needs 1 gram of protein for every 2.2 lb. of body weight? Dr. Young walks us through the key ingredients he uses when laying a healthy foundation for his patients.






What is antioxidant therapy?  Did you know that antioxidants can actually reverse the effects of inflammation and symptoms of chronic illnesses.  Hear Dr. Mark Pedersen’s personal story and how his battle with Crohn’s Disease has been drastically improved by this use of antioxidant therapy since his diagnosis.  
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Dr. Mark Pedersen shares how antioxidants play a vital role in your overall health? Fruits and vegetables are key to your body aging gracefully. Learn more on this latest episode of
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Omega 3-6-9


Do you know why Omega Oils are so vital to our health? Are you getting the right mix for your health and well being? Watch this latest episode to find out. 

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All proteins are not equal


Did you know that not all protein is equal?  Dr. Young discusses the important factors when considering your protein source on this episode.


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The real effects of delayed allergies


Your doctor may not be considering the effects of delayed allergies.  Learn why Dr. Young uses this valuable information with patients in his practice.



I lost out to a witch doctor
Dr. Young learned a career defining lesson from an unlikely source.
He will share with you in this episode along with the importance of getting to the root of the problem.



Just a shake a day ? How easy is that?
Dr. Young explains why a shake a day is such a strong nutritional foundation. He shares how the shake can actually save you money in ways you may have never expected.

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Vitamin D Deficient
Sunshine alone is no longer enough

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Dr. Michael F. Holick, professor of medicine, physiology and biophysics at Boston University Medical Center shares more on the importance of Vitamin D. Click Here



How are you selecting a physician?
Who is ultimately responsible for your overall health plan?
Hear Dr. Young share tips on selecting a doctor and why you must take back responsibility for your health decisions.


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